Runescape – Playing a Mmorpg, Plus My Personal Secret to Free 10,000 Rune Gold!

What is Runescape, and what is a MMORPG? Runescape is a MMORPG that people from all over the world play. People log in to the Runescape website, and they play with each other in a fantasy game. This game has been around for a few years now, having been released in 2001 by its creator. The first game was in beta form, and this game got its stable release a few years later in 2004. It is considered to be the most popular free game of its kind by the Guinness World Records and has approximately around 8 million accounts currently running.

What Is a MMORPG?

What exactly is a MMORPG and why do people play it? A MMORPG or Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game is a game where people play with other people from other places in a fantasy world where they take on monsters, do quests, trade, talk, fight each other, and do many other activities with the use of an avatar that they create. It is a game where they role-play certain races, genders, train themselves to learn certain skills, and earn experience points to raise their level and become stronger and better in the game. A MMORPG, like Runescape, takes people from many different places and makes them co-exist in a world where they can be the good guy or the bad guy, and they are required to complete certain tasks to acquire the levels that is needed to become stronger and more powerful and to survive in the game.

How Is a MMORPG Played?

When you play a MMORPG, you basically start with registering yourself for an account. Depending on the kind of game it is, you may be required to pay for a subscription or you are allowed to play for free. Some MMORPGs require you to download a few gigabytes of information for you to be able to play the game while there are those that allow you to play directly from your PC upon logging in when you go to the game’s website. Once you are a registered user, whether the game is free or being paid for, you then create a character and get this character to learn skills, become stronger, buy weapons and armors, and explore the virtual world it is in.

What Kind of MMORPG Is Runescape?

Runescape is a game that is played for free and without any downloads necessary since it is a Java-based role playing game that you can play directly from the site itself. When you play Runescape, you are basically playing a fantasy RPG that places you in a world called Geilinor. This world is divided into a few regions, cities, and kingdoms where you and your co-players can interact with each other as well as do quests and tasks that the game requires you to do. You can talk to NPCs or non-player characters to learn about the world you are moving in, buy items you will need for your quests or other activities in-game, and get quests or orders to eliminate certain monsters to gain experience or items to help you with your game and you’re leveling up.

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