You have probably heard of the game called Counter Strike. Almost everyone plays it, and every internet cafe has it. Why? because of its multi-player features. The game is just simple, basically, point and shoot.

Counter strike 1.6 and its counterparts is made off of the Half life one game engine, of course the engine has been modified a bit. It is a first person shooter. Basically, you have a series of maps or arenas and there’s two teams fighting against each other, Terrorist and Counter Terrorist. Each team can select different guns, CTs primary weapon is the m4a1, and the Terrorist’s is the Ak47. Basically, you buy a weapon at the beginning of each round and you use it to destroy the opposing force, you get money from frags or if your team wins the round. There are only two ways to win the round since there’s only one Mod to play. The Terrorists can win by planting the bomb and allowing it to explode, the CTs can win by capturing all the hostages. Of course, each team can win by eliminating all the players on the opposing team.

There are several variations or remakes of the original Counter Strike, for example, Condition Zero. Condition Zero was released in 2004, all the original models in the original CS have been updated and the graphics have been improved. CZ still uses the same game engine. Counter Strike 1.0 to Condition Zero all use the Half Life Engine. Now, CS Source uses the HL2 game engine, so Source uses rag doll effects and improved physics.

All the Counter Strikes are still played online and at LAN parties, it is a favorite first person shooter to play amongst friends. Some countries even host CS tournaments with a cash prize for the winner. So, you can make some extra money if you spend a lot of time playing CS and improving your skills. Here are some techniques that might help you play a bit better.

  1. Adjust your mouse sensitivity. Many amateur players forget to adjust the mouse sensitivity, thus making aiming difficult. Players that have the sensitivity set to a comfortable speed usually have the upper hand. You want to set the sensitivity so that with one stroke to the left or right of the mouse will turn your character around. So, change your mouse settings.
  2. Keep the cross-hair pointed up, about where an enemy head would be. If you play with the crosshair like this the chances of you getting a head shot will be much higher than if you constantly have it pointing at the ground. Headshots tend to kill enemies with one shot, so aim for the head.
  3. MOVE. Camping (staying in the same part of the map and waiting for players) can be useful at some points in the match. But, players tend to find out where you are easily and take you by surprise, so move. Plus, camping is really annoying and players that do it piss everyone off. So, move around, it’s better to move around and run away from an enemy and than come back from a different angle to take him down.
  4. Use your brain. If you see someone run in a certain area use your brain to predict where he is gonna emerge and take him out.

If you use these tips you will gain an upper hand in CS matches. That’s all for now, CS 1.0 to CZ can be run on almost any computer, Source requires some extra PC power to run since it’s graphics are much better. Till next time, cheers.